A letter to myself

Dear Sara,

You are loving and you are loved. In any moment in which you doubt this Truth, return to your deep knowing that the foundation of your entire life is love and connection.

You are enough and there is enough. Who you are, what you need, and what you do are inextricably bound in authentically sharing yourself and receiving that which your network of LIFE shares with you.

Life is beautiful, though bewilderingly complex- full of wounds in need of healing and harm being done by those who are not healed. Resist judgment of the wounded and seek instead to love your human family in the ways that their wounded-ness requires. Balance may only be restored through love of self, love of life, love of those you perceive as “other.” The Truth is there is no “other” only those you have not let yourself see, know, and acknowledge as fully worthy of knowing and being loving and loved.

There is pain in loving and that’s the nature of things. Remember that the most meaningful moments of your life have demonstrated this undeniable Truth, that pain is inherent to love. In the birth of your child; in your emotionally disruptive journey to loving yourself; in the physical separation from deeply intertwined relationships through break-ups, divorce, illness, and death; and in your struggle to create lasting peace in the world- the pain you feel is a catalyst to drive you forward, not a penance for embodying love.

Grief is an ultimate expression of care and connection but you need not be immobilized by it or forget that joy, fun, laughter, wonder, and creativity are also present and accessible in those moments when pain elicits fear and doubt.

The world you imagine- the whole and balanced expression of loved and loving life- is nearly here. It has been growing in the womb of collective consciousness and imagination. The labor has been long, painful, and fraught with danger but keep breathing. Keep pushing. You’re almost there.

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