Why Do We Choose Servitude in the “Land of the Free?”

It’s a controversial question, I know, but please hear me out. The most pressing issues of our time have a single common denominator- power. Who has it? How do they use (or, more often, abuse) it? What needs to be done to alleviate the suffering it causes? Upon reflecting on my own life, I haveContinue reading “Why Do We Choose Servitude in the “Land of the Free?””

A Poem for The People

I weep each day and search for what to say to soothe the pain of we, the people I do my part by leading with my heart create more space for we, the people I dream of love within, between, above to heal the wounds of we, the people I speak and sing of wholeness,Continue reading “A Poem for The People”

An Open Letter to All Educators

I am writing to all educators- not merely to the teachers, administrators, and other institutional personnel- but to all parents, caregivers, adults and older youth who are responsible for sharing knowledge and skills with children. I have an uncomfortable, but necessary, truth to share with you. The United States’ education system is failing BY DESIGNContinue reading “An Open Letter to All Educators”

Hierarchy- (nearly) everywhere hierarchy…

I recently listened to Isabel Wilkerson’s latest book, “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents,” and I find her thesis extremely compelling- perhaps because it is aligned with my own worldview but I’d like to think the extensive research and cogency of her arguments are the main reason I’m finding it so interesting and important. ThereContinue reading “Hierarchy- (nearly) everywhere hierarchy…”

A letter to myself

Dear Sara, You are loving and you are loved. In any moment in which you doubt this Truth, return to your deep knowing that the foundation of your entire life is love and connection. You are enough and there is enough. Who you are, what you need, and what you do are inextricably bound inContinue reading “A letter to myself”

Mama in the Middle- Reflections on Building A Just World

In the past few weeks I’ve seen and read a lot more articles and social media posts and had dozens of new conversations about the concept of antiracism. Having spent my entire adult life learning about and working for peace THROUGH justice, understanding power dynamics is deeply embedded in my approach to building relationships, communicatingContinue reading “Mama in the Middle- Reflections on Building A Just World”

“Human, We Have a Problem”

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, Apollo 13, most of us know the most famous line from the film, and the situation on which it was based; a NASA mission intended to continue lunar exploration. The ship’s commanding officer, Jim Lovell, (played by beloved actor, Tom Hanks) was reporting to Mission Control about potentiallyContinue reading ““Human, We Have a Problem””

A Proclamation for Mother’s Day 2020

Inspired by Julia Ward Howe’s 1870 proclamation, which prompted the official observance of Mother’s Day. Arise, all parents, caretakers, and nurturers of the planet, whether your children be from your womb or your heart! Say firmly: “We will not have great global questions decided by corporations and politicians. Our loved ones shall not come toContinue reading “A Proclamation for Mother’s Day 2020”

Indigenous Economic Worldview vs. Western Economic Worldview

This video summarizes the basic philosophy I seek to promote with this site. Watch. Reflect. And consider the ways in which we may take this time of transition to move toward ways of life that have worked for millennia and offer us real opportunities for sustainability, justice, and connection for generations to come.