Flattening the Pyramids (Part 7)

Note: As in previous posts, it makes more sense to start at Part 1 for greater understanding of the overall context. All content is based on my perspective as an adult remembering and reflecting upon my childhood experiences. Any commentary on what may have been the thoughts of experiences other parties involved is, admittedly, conjecture,Continue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 7)”

Flattening the Pyramids (Part 6)

Note: This section of the book begins delving into my life story and is written from my perspective based on my memories of my experiences. For friends, acquaintances, or family members who may read this and think, “that never happened,” or “it didn’t happen like that,” please try to be open to the possibility thatContinue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 6)”

Flattening the Pyramids (Part 5)

Note: This content, as with the previously posted excerpts, was composed in January 2020. I have not edited any of my original thoughts relative to current events (i.e. COVID-19 pandemic) As I write this, Australia is experiencing the most extreme heatwave and bushfire season in its history, the US military, on order of President DonaldContinue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 5)”

Flattening the Pyramids (Part 4)

Note: If you have feedback on this or any of my prior posts, please comment or send me a note. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts! Relationships between individuals are the core units of human cultural transmission. All of the information we learn about what it means to be a person and how to live in the world originateContinue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 4)”

Flattening the Pyramids (Part 3)

Note: Reading previous posts is advised. Content warning: includes personal disclosures about childhood sexual abuse. This content was originally composed in January 2020. It is a largely unquestioned assumption in American culture that the United States was founded with the most advanced governmental model ever devised. Our Constitution, we’re taught, ensures that every citizen hasContinue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 3)”

Flattening the Pyramids (Part 2)

Note: It is probably helpful to read Part 1 first, for context and continuity. But I’m not gonna tell you what to do! An objection that often arises when one engages in discussions about culture change is this: “Well, fine. I may change the way I live but I can’t make anyone else change, soContinue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 2)”

Flattening the Pyramids (Part 1)

Long before the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic crisis started, I was compelled to begin a book project to consolidate and share ideas I’ve been developing and interrogating for about 20 years. Rather than pursuing the publication of a full manuscript, I think it makes sense for me to begin sharing what I’ve written so far inContinue reading “Flattening the Pyramids (Part 1)”