An Open Letter to Young People

Believe it or not, you are loved.

Most adults truly and sincerely love children and youth and want what is best for you. The trouble is, many adults have been convinced that material things are more important than a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment in our individual houses and our collective home, Planet Earth.

We have been deluded by manufactured messages of possession and power. Our delusions have produced structures of harm that impact everyone but especially you, our most valued and vulnerable members of the human family.

I am deeply sorry for all of the pain we’ve imposed on you- all of the uncertainty and anxiety, the hopelessness and despair. I, and a lot of other “grown-ups,” are committed to working with you to make the world better- to make humanity better. To creating a future that works for you and future generations.

We can do it, you know. Every dark period in human history has been followed by a massive re-awakening of our brilliance, creativity, and sense of connection. Our big, beautiful brains are capable of producing so many amazing ideas!

I’ve witnessed the power of young people- co-creating transcendent art from thin air, collaborating in solidarity, motivated by shared pain, humor, and imagination. You are pure possibility. You are powerful.

I cannot promise that life will ever get easy. There are many challenges ahead but I will say this:

You are stronger than you think. We need your strength.

You are smarter than you know. We need your ideas.

You are not alone. We need one another.

You are loved.

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