Dreams from Quarantine

I fall asleep on the couch

each night while trying

to watch some escapist film

meant to help me

lay down

the weight of this infected world

which was heavy enough before

we released Coronavirus from the wild

like a tiger we thought we could tame

with loved ones I know and

those I don’t

burdened and broken







oppressed and exploited

striving and hustling

inventing new ways to survive

despite the hoarding of power

and paper products

by the privileged few who seem

to have no dreams

of a world in balance

of a people connected

within and without to

the great and glorious

Web of Life

I wonder if we may all awaken

from this nightmare

to the Truth of our human being

not separate

not special

entwined and enmeshed

loving and loved

caretakers of Life

this is my deepest wish

my fondest hope

my waking dream

from quarantine

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