Oh, the Places I’ll Go!

Hey there folks! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m back to share some exciting news!

After many months of introspection and assessing the range of options available to me, I’ve chosen to set off on an amazing adventure! I left my full-time job and am committing myself to completing my book, “Flattening the Pyramids,” within the next year.

I am traveling around the United States for the next few months- primarily by car & train- visiting loved ones; documenting various intentional communities, cooperatives, and permaculture farming projects; and interviewing people who are living and working in ways that generate life and possibilities in the midst of accelerating global distress and destruction.

So far, I have been exploring primarily in my home state of New York but will soon be heading west to Illinois, Montana, Oregon, California, and then back east through pretty much every southern state. I’ve never been further west than Colorado and am extremely excited to experience parts of the country I haven’t seen before!

There are terrific resources such as WWOOF-USA and the Foundation for Intentional Community that are helping me to chart my course as I embark on this journey. I am hoping that you may also have suggestions for me about places I should go and/or people I should meet. I’ll also be checking out as many national parks as I can so let me know which ones are your favorites. Please send me a message with your recommendations. Maybe you, yourself, are participating in an alternative community or economic model I should know about…? If so, I want to hear your story!

You may also choose to support my work by becoming a patron of Mama Sara Says. Benefits (depending on your membership tier) include exclusive livestreams and discussion groups, one-on-one consulting/coaching, acknowledgement on my website and in the book, and members-only content!

I am deeply grateful for my growing network of connections and look forward to sharing the wonders I discover with all of you!

With love,

Mama Sara

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