Dreams from Quarantine

I fall asleep on the couch each night while trying to watch some escapist film meant to help me lay down the weight of this infected world which was heavy enough before we released Coronavirus from the wild like a tiger we thought we could tame with loved ones I know and those I don’tContinue reading “Dreams from Quarantine”

ad vitam

My back is bentaching from strainso heavythis loadMy legs are strongmoving towardpurposeso driventhis soulMy arms are openstretching everoutwardso urgentthis acheMy heart is tornthreatening to breakso exquisitethis loveMy mind is clearholding onto truthso brilliantthis lightMy dreams are vividlycreating worlds ofthe possiblefrom pureimaginedpeaceno regardfor limitationsor laments forwhatneverwasMy essence connectswith the powerand promiseof that which the spirit knowsyetContinue reading “ad vitam”

(not) long ago

(not) long ago my great-great grandmother great-great aunts and uncles multitudes of unknown cousins my ancestors targeted oppressed encamped  (not) long ago your great-great grandfather great-great aunts and uncles multitudes of unnamed cousins your ancestors targeted oppressed enslaved  (not) long ago our indigenous relatives native aunts and uncles multitudes of unseen cousins our ancestors targeted oppressed exterminated  (not) long from now our great-great grandchildren great-great nieces and nephews multitudes of unborn cousins our progeny targeted? oppressed? endangered? extinct?  or  free… 

My Days

I spend my days thinking.   Observing.   Listening.   Talking.   Reading.   Watching.  And thinking some more.  What is going on?  Who is to blame?  What can I do?  Where will this lead?  What does it all mean?  I spend my days worried.  Angry.  Sad.  Emboldened.  Righteous.  Inspired.  And worried some more.  How will we survive?  When will weContinue reading “My Days”


so impatient I was   to enter the world  arrival unplanned  mama couldn’t hold me  isolated  lungs undeveloped  machine-aided breaths  last rites   somehow  I survived  so impatient I was   to learn of the world  knowledge unmapped  teacher couldn’t stop me  reading alone  suspended in story  breathlessly wondering  how will it end?  rebellious  no ceremony  no home  somehow  I survived  so impatient I was  toContinue reading “Inspiration”

My Self-Imposed Poetry Challenge

Recently, I decided to challenge myself to write in a form I don’t typically use- poetic verse. It’s outside of my comfort zone, but I’m beginning to really enjoy it and hope you do, as well! Please feel free to share any of the poems (with attribution or, preferably, through a direct link to thisContinue reading “My Self-Imposed Poetry Challenge”